History Of Equaflor-a

As the young Mario Portilla Andrade, was studying in Bomboiza - Gualaquiza, is linked with the missionary Salesian Father Angel Andreetta , passionate about growing Orquidias and other plants , which will incentive to Mario a fondness for orchids and invites to explore the Ecuadorian jungle in search of the great diversity of the Ecuadorian flora. Mario , after completing his studies as agronomist , continues to work with the Father in the care and cultivation of its large collection . Father Angel to see the great interest and affection that put Mario to care for your orchids , donated part of his collection and that's how it starts Equaflor -A , having its first greenhouse in Mayancela , and when her collection was increasing is He saw the need to implement a new greenhouse in Paute, for the cultivation of certain species that require a warm climate.

Our Laboratory

OUR LABORATORY - 10 years ago, arises the idea to create the Laboratory of micropropagation of orchids and other ornamental plants, to preserve as many of them are threatened or endangered . In our laboratory we have standardized protocols and some culture media, which allowed in- vitro preservation of species as Cattleyas , Masdevallias , Cymbidium, Odontoglossum , Oncidium , Sobrallias , Phragmipedium , Cyrtochilum , Pleurothallis , among others. As a result of this work we have obtained new hybrids, leading among others , some has been named after oustanding people from the city Like : Dracuvallia Memoria Misionero Angel Andreettae.